Sunday, February 17, 2013

Where Do I Begin?!

I sure hope that this is the last month this year that I will be posting hospital pictures on my blog!  On Feb. 7th Daryle had his surgery on his colon.  They took out about 8 inches and left him with 20 staples in his stomach. Ugh.  The doctor said he would be in the hospital for 4-5 days.  Daryle was in there 8 days.  Yes. 8. Long. Days.  Thank goodness once again for the grandparents helping us out with shuffling the boys around, getting them to and from school, feeding them, and getting them to soccer games.  Phew.  It has been hard not having help from Daryle. But, I must say, my boys have really surprised me on this one.  They have really come through and have been so well behaved through this whole thing. I am SO proud of them.
One cool thing the hospital has is a program where you can have a dog (with its owner of course) come visit you to lift your spirits. Daryle requested a dog and this sweetheart named Bo came to visit while they boys were there too.  I think it was love at first sight for my boys!
 It was the first time Daryle had smiled in several days at this point!
 Originally we thought Daryle might come home on my birthday. No such luck. Instead I got to celebrate it in the hospital. My mom baked me a cake and my dad brought it up for us to celebrate.  My mom was having back problems and ended up having surgery on the following Wednesday so she wasn't able to come to the hospital.  She was there in spirit and we thought of her as we ate this delicious chocolate cake!

Before going into the hospital Daryle and Travis did some birthday shopping for me but nothing was wrapped. The day before my birthday I asked Travis if he wanted to wrap my presents. He was so excited to do some wrapping all by himself. I had to close my eyes while he got everything into his room.  At one point he came out and asked, "Mom, where are those sticky things that say to and from that you use at Christmas? I really need some of those."  As I got him some Christmas gift tags I asked if he needed more wrapping paper. He said yes and grabbed a roll of Christmas paper... I had to laugh. I couldn't wait to see how this was going to turn out!

 As you can see he put those gift tags to good use. Oh, and he used up an entire roll of scotch tape.  Each card was taped shut.  It took me awhile to open them up. He was so proud.  It was a birthday I will never forget.  I don't have any pictures, but my class took care of me as well.  They loaded me up with TONS of peanut M&M's, flowers, Target gift cards, Olive Garden Gift cards and tons of cute homemade cards. It made my day.  Oh... and how can I forget the delicious Sheri's Berries that Daryle sent me at work??  He earned major brownie points on that one!
Next on the agenda was Valentine's day.  Grandma Hawes ordered and sent the boys these darling pillows. They have slept with them every night since.
 Even though Daryle was still in the hospital, the boys and I somehow managed to get all of the school valentines done and I was able to get their gifts together after they went to bed.
 Connor LOVED his special little gifts.
 So did Travis. It was early in the morning and hard for him to keep those eyes open!  lol
Yes, even Petey got a peanut butter bone for Valentine's Day. Once again my class loaded me down with tons of candy and valentine's love.  It was a good day.
Daryle came home that evening and has been home recovering every since. I have to say each day does get a little bit easier. Today he figured out a way to get out of bed on his own. That makes me feel better because on Tuesday I have to go to work and he will be on his own.  He is able to get around the house but he mostly stays in bed.  So far so good. 
Having him come home on Valentine's Day made that day a little brighter!