Monday, February 17, 2014

Falling Behind

I know, I know. It is already the middle of February and it seems like we fell off the face of the earth. Truthfully we have just been busy. Blogging has taken a back seat. In the way way back seat. That is what we always called the last row in our mini van growing up.  You could say that Daryle and I started 2014 by becoming technologically up-to-date instead of out-of-date.  We both got our first smart phones and we started out with the Galaxy S4. It has an amazing camera. Now that I have figured out how easy it is to upload these pictures to my blog maybe you will see more of me here. 

But in reality, people are just finding me more on facebook and instagram.

On Saturday Connor found this rock. Shaped like a heart.  Good job my little detective!
He found it here.  As I look at the picture I see a few more heart shaped rocks.
Valentine's Day 2014
Poor Travis has been sick a lot this winter. His doctors still remain at a loss as to why he keeps getting sick.  In about a 10 week period he had pneumonia (twice) and or other upper respiratory/asthma related issues.  After much head scratching, his doctor decided to do a bronchoscopy. He had to do this under anesthesia. We are waiting on the results, we go back March 3.  They do know he has an extremely narrow sinus cavity. Perhaps he is not able to breath through his nose?  We don't know.  But he sure was in good spirits, besides being very nervous. He got to pick out this owl, he named it "Foo Foo". lol

He was pretty silly and entertaining as he came out of the anesthesia.  Babbling away.
He really did not want a wheel chair ride at first. Once he sat down he thought the ride was pretty cool.  The next day he played in his soccer game.  Nothing keeps this kid down for long.
Somebody had a birthday around here... ok, it was me... we celebrated by going out to dinner.  Travis was so upset. The waitress said I was 22 and I went along with it. He just did NOT understand why I was "lying". lol  He felt it was his duty to correct anybody who said I was 22!
The boys helped my mom bake me a birthday cake. It was beautiful!  It tasted delicious too! I especially liked the tiara and I wore it most of the day on my actual birthday.
Connor has started piano lessons. He LOVES music and just takes it all in like a little sponge. I can't wait to see how he progresses.
Connor had to go in for his usual eye exam. They check him for glaucoma once or twice a year. In the past we were never able to do this test in the office.  Lucky us, we got to do in under anesthesia.  A few times we coupled it up with his laser treatment too.   Every time we would go into the office to try I would bribe him. It never worked.  Well, we finally turned a corner!  He did the eye drops and test in the office and handled it like the champ he is.  Reward? Banana split of course!  (He had been dying to try one. He ate a little more than half. I was surprised he ate so much of it!)  He sure is growing up.
If you want to know where Travis is these days, he is making bracelets on his loom. He has bought 2 books, thousands of little rubber bands and has made countless bracelets.  He is addicted! He has never been into crafts so this has been a little shocking. However, I am finding out that all the boys his age are into this craze.  Funny to see him beg to go to JoAnn's Fabrics!
One day Travis sprained his foot before a soccer game.  We had no idea. He played the whole game.  HARD! He ran like nobody's business. Even scored a goal. 
To say this kid is tough as nails is an understatement.
Trying out features on my new phone.  Connor loves his Petey.
January started out with our own pharmacy. All of this was just for Travis.  Too much if you ask me.

This didn't work so they sent us for a chest x-ray.  Unfortunately that (along with a few vials of blood taken the week prior to check on things) didn't tell us anything either.
So we went to our specialist and did this breathing treatment along with this vest that "shook" him up. That didn't work. This is why we did the bronchoscopy  in February.  At least now he is feeling better.  However, we still need to figure out why he was so sick in the first place.  Poor kid.

Travis and I had fun playing with my camera and finding all the cool special effects it can do. Waiting rooms are a lot more entertaining this way!  He was quite proud of his cone head look.

We did more things the past month or two, such as both boys are playing soccer. We also celebrated the 100th day of school.  But for some reason I can't get those pictures to upload. You can use your imagination.  However, if you see me on Facebook and Instagram then you already saw them. 
Chances are, if you are reading this blog still then you know me on social media too. 
And you really didn't miss a thing!