Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Whirlwind Weekend

About two weeks ago we got a call from one of Travis' friends from school. His mom wanted to know if Travis would like to play on her son's team in a baseball tournament over Memorial Day weekend.  They were short some players and needed some kids to fill in. Of course Daryle and Travis both said, "YES!" Originally they were supposed to play at a some fields about 15 minutes from our house.  However, due to so many teams signing up (several from out of state) they moved the location. This place was an hour from our house. We decided to get a hotel and call it a "Staycation". Here is my little "Hooligan".
If you look closely you can see that Travis threw the bat behind himself. This umpire was so good with the kids....
 He had a short talk with Travis about safety!! (On a side note.  After the game the ump called him "Bob". Travis said that wasn't his name. The ump said, "When you are behind the plate, everybody becomes 'Bob' to me!") 
Then play resumed to normal.  
 This was how Connor spent his time during game #1.  They played two games per day.
 Don't worry, he did share with his friends!
 Travis did awesome at catcher.  He actually got somebody out at home plate. Too bad I didn't have my camera out.  It was a pretty amazing play!

 At one point we heard a "THUD, CRASH, AAHHH!!!"  This is what happened to someone's car. Oops.
 It started getting warm. Connor got a ring pop and found a shady spot.  He loves his cowboy hat!
 Look who shaved off that horrible long goatee.  Finally!!
Well, after four games, and four losses, we packed up and headed back home.  Even though they lost, those boys never lost their spirit or passion for the game. They had a great time despite losing.  In all we scored 5 runs, Travis scored 2 of those. He didn't get any great hits but he did get walked. Pretty much when he gets walked he will steal his little heart out until he makes it home. Needless to say we came home with some dirty clothes.  That's a good thing!  I am thankful it was a three day weekend. I am also thankful that we are now on summer vacation!  Now I can get caught up on all of the laundry and house cleaning that didn't happen over the last three days.  I have a feeling more of these weekends will be in our future.  Sigh. It's the memories, right??!!?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Class of ... 2026??!!

Last week Connor came home from school and was SOOO excited that the following Thursday would be Western Day at school.  AKA "Cowboy Day"!  He doesn't usually go to school on Thursday so I rearranged his days so he would be there.  After counting down the days, Cowboy Day finally arrived. Isn't he the cutest Cowboy you have ever seen??
 Cowboy Day also fell on Pre-School Graduation Day.  He insisted on wearing his outfit for graduation as well.  He did take off the cowboy hat though.  Here is the graduate!  (During the short ceremony we were informed we were looking at the Class of 2026!  What??!) 
 We had to get another picture at home too... he even had a few cards and a present.
 "BR" is one of his favorites!  Thanks to Grammy and Grandpa he can buy some of his own ice cream on a hot summer day.
 When he opened each gift he went around hugging everybody, his brother...
 and his dad (I didn't get a picture of him hugging the others... I was slow getting the camera out!)
 Why the big hugs?  Well he finally got  some Skylanders!  Look at that smile!  Each day he still gives me a hug and says, "Thanks Mom for the Skylanders!!!!!!!"  He is so darned sweet!
 His first cap and diploma. 
Now Connor is ready for Kindergarten. He was a little disappointed that he can't start until the end of July. After all, he does need to turn 5 first!  He is such a joy. He sang so well in the little program and he behaved like a little gentleman at school.  I think he is ready to move on.
The real question is, am I??!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Busy Times

April was a very busy month for us. I can hardly believe it is May already!  I know in the blink of an eye school will be over and it will be summer.  However, I also know that there will be A LOT to do to get from here to there!  Baseball season is just about over. Both boys love playing sports, but I think baseball is at the top of their list.  Two weeks in a row Travis and Grandpa went fishing with some other families after the baseball games.  Travis had never been fishing before and on his first time he caught three little fish. They brought them home just to take his picture with him. Here is the proud little fisherman!
 This spring Connor has evolved with his "style".  Every day he makes me giggle. This particular day was especially cute.  I have no idea what this pose was all about, he cracks me up!  Now just imagine him riding his scooter down the street to grandpa's house... dressed like this!
Getting ready for some baseball.  Typical boys.
 Last Saturday Travis had Confirmation and First Holy Communion. It was a big day for him.  He chose my dad for his Confirmation sponsor. He has been preparing for this all year with his Cluster group.  This is the box they made at their retreat with lots of memories from the activities they did.  It was fun watching them grow over the last year.
 Travis' Godmother, Stephanie, even flew out from California to be with him on his special day.  We were so happy she was able to come for a quick visit.
 Daryle and I had to sit way across the church... I was being silly and zoomed way in on these two!
 Travis with his cousin Adrianna. It was pretty cool that they were in the same cluster this year.  Since they make the groups by where you live we were pretty sure we would be in the same group.  All of the kids were so cute!
 They had a photographer to take a group picture of the kids. Keep in mind that this was only half of the group for this day.  Our parish is so large that we had to have 3 different dates. Each date will have a group this large.  It's so amazing to see the Holy Spirit at work through all of these children and their families.
Such a handsome boy!
 My parents left before we did in order to get things arranged for the party.  It would have been nice to have them in the picture too. Oh well, this will have to do for now I guess!
 At the party I was able to get a nice picture of Travis with my mom.
 Uncle Tom came over with his new Harley.  He took Travis for a ride around the block.  Travis held onto him for dear life!  After the ride, Travis had a smile on his face a mile wide for the rest of the afternoon!
 Since it is warm here at the end of April we told people to bring their swim suits.  The kids had a lot of fun swimming and playing with water guns.  Of course we had to have cake!
 We were so grateful that my grandma was able to join us for the party.  I am so glad I was able to take this quick picture of two of my most favorite people ever!
 Although Connor had no desire to actually go for a motorcycle ride he was anxious to sit on it and pretend he was riding one.
I am so proud of  Travis and how far he has come this past year.  I can hardly believe he is 10 years old. He has received his Sacraments now and on *most days* I can see he is maturing into a fine young man.  While it is exciting to watch him grow up and reach these milestones, it is also bittersweet. Where did my little boy go?? 
On another note, I have to share this conversation Connor had with my mom and dad the other night.
Connor: My birthday is next!
Grammy: Yes it is!
Connor: My birthday will be the last one for the year.
Grammy: Well, not really. Remember Grandpa and I have our birthdays in October.
Connor: Grammy, who picked you up from Russia?
Grammy: I was born in Arizona. Grandpa was born in California.
Connor: Oh.  Well, if  I go back to Russia and they try to talk to me I will just do this. (Crosses his arms and closes his lips tightly.)  If they ask me questions I WON'T talk to them.
We are not sure what that was all about.  Does he have deep seeded resentment?  I think I need to start talking to him a bit about his adoption. He is such a deep thinker.  Travis never likes to talk about it, in fact he will change the conversation when it gets too deep for him.  (And believe me, he doesn't go very deep in the first place!) We are going to have to handle Connor in a whole different way.  I have always read in parenting books to just answer their questions honestly and simply. Don't tell too much too soon. Let them ask first.  Also, I know that it is important that these conversations are between parent and child as much as possible. I hope we are ready for the questions and that we are able to answer them all honestly and openly and in the healthiest way possible for everybody.