Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer So Far

When I was growing up it always seemed like summers were for relaxing. Sleeping in. No homework.  No responsibilities.  Just hanging out was enough.  Well, I guess summers have changed since then. That makes me feel old.  I feel like I should be talking in my squeaky old lady voice saying, "Back in my day...."

I don't know if it because I am the mother of two boys or if it is just the way things are today but our summer is almost over and we have been quite busy.  Part of it is my own fault. After 11 summers of being home with my kids I decided to teach summer school. Oh, and I made Travis go too.  Actually this proved to be an excellent move for him. He got to meet several Fifth grade teachers who are at his new school along with meeting some new kids who will be going there as well.  We are both feeling less anxious about the change in schools and are actually looking forward to some new things. I believe he is ready for middle school.  (Let me grab a tissue...aahhh!!  sob, sob sob!!!  Ok, I am over it now... I think!)

(Seeing these two in a car made me thankful that Travis is not 16 yet!)

 Along with going to a new school Travis is now playing on a competitive soccer team. This is a huge commitment and involves practicing. A lot. Like two to three times a week. One to two hours a time.  Even during the summer.  In the heat. Sometimes on Saturday. At 7 am.  I just keep telling myself he has lots of energy and this is a great way to channel it.  He is also very competitive.  Very.  This is what he does.... he puts his heart and soul into every practice. Coach says get some water. He RUNS to get his water. Takes two quick swigs. Then RUNS back to the coach.  Meanwhile, the rest of the boys JUST GOT TO THEIR WATER!  Coach pats Travis on the back and tells him to go get some more water. This kid never stops.  He has to be first. Everywhere.  Even when running laps. And the boys in the lead are 3 heads taller than him.  Travis actually keeps up. Sometimes he even beats them.  I just sit in awe.  He is pretty amazing.  He is so strong, fast, motivated and dedicated to what he is doing. The best compliment came from his recent baseball coach. He said Travis has one of the best work ethics he has ever seen. And this coach played baseball all the way into the major leagues. He has a World Series ring from when he played on the Braves. That is quite a complement coming from a man like that!  We joke around and say that Travis would walk through a burning wall for this coach. It's the truth. This coach is amazing in so many ways.  Not just with coaching, but in the example he sets for these young boys.
 While Travis and I were having a grand time at Summer School, Connor had his own fun going on. For one week he did a soccer camp. Not just any soccer camp, but the British Challenger Soccer camp!  lol He had a great time!
 Another week Connor did a theater camp at our local performing arts center. He had a blast!  It was for 6 hours a day. He learned so much and was adorable playing Spot.... the Kung Fu Dalmation!
 He even had quite the audience to see him perform!
 As a family we had a lot of things going on this last month as well.  Since Connor's birthday fell on Father's Day, and my cousin was getting married the day before his birthday we had to do his party a week earlier. He decided he wanted to go bowling with his friends. They had an incredible time!

 Then we went to a wedding. It was beautiful and we had a very fun time!  I love seeing my cousins, especially the ones who live out of town.  It's always exciting to see my extended family. You know, the ones you usually see only at funerals and weddings. It was nice to see them all at a joyous occasion.


 Then the next day was Father's Day/Connor's Birthday. Or should that be the other way around??!!
 I guess those have been the main things this summer. Of course we are busy with just the normal everyday things too.  The next few weeks are going to be busy with lots of fun!  Stay tuned for a bedroom make over, a trip to Las Vegas (somebody is having a 20th wedding anniversary!) and a trip to Seattle to see my brother.  It's a lot to fit in before school. I think we can handle it!