Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  Yes, it's that time of the year again!  The leprechauns stopped by last night and left cookies, Lucky Charms cereal, shirts, ties and mustaches.  Even though the littlest leprechaun wasn't too happy at first, he eventually lightened up and had some fun. Maybe it was mom wearing a mustache that did it!  
Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Little of This, A Little of That

One morning in the middle of February Connor woke up with a swollen eye. I knew it wasn't pink eye but was suspicious so I took him into the doctor to check it out.  She said it was a stye but with the streaking beginning to go down his cheek he was going to need an antibiotic.  I was told if within the next 48 hours it gets worse or  he gets a fever to call back or take him to the ER. Ok. Off we went to fill our prescription.
 The next morning Connor woke up looking like this.  Not what I had expected after having medicine.
I let him go through the day at school, asked the school nurse her thoughts all day long, and by 2:00 she suggested I call our doctor because it was getting worse as the day went on.  So we ended up in the ER.  Doesn't he look pathetic here?  I said let me take your picture. This is how he posed.  It looks like his passport picture on his Russian VISA!  He looks terrified, but really he was just fine!
This is more how he was acting! He did have to get a shot in his behind and was on a crazy amount of antibiotics for 10 days.  The diagnosis was a clogged tear duct resulting in periorbital cellulitis.  Fun times!  Glad we caught it early and this didn't turn into a stay at the hospital!
 The next morning he even played in his soccer game.  Daryle is so good with the little guys and Travis loves being the coaches helper!
After the game Connor and I literally packed up and went back to the doctor. The ER doctor told me to go see the pediatrician the next morning to make sure he was getting better. I knew he was, but I also know how serious cellulitis can be and didn't want to take any chances.  He is pretty comfy in a doctor's office!
 The last week of school before spring break was Spirit Week. I didn't get his picture each day, but did manage to get him on silly sock day. Travis had no desire to participate in this.  Connor goes all out!  
They are opposites in many ways.
 Our weeks have been filled with lots of baseball practices too.
We had another awards assembly. Yes, the fan club was present!

 Connor got an award for perfect attendance for the third quarter. Travis got an award for his Science Fair project.  He was in the top 4 in his class and the top 12 of the grade level.  So proud of him, he worked hard on his project.
 That night we celebrated by going out to dinner at the Olive Garden. I had some wine. It was delicious!

The next day was more baseball practice for Travis.  Connor loves to hang out. Good thing he feels comfortable at the ball fields. We spend a lot of time there!
 After practice my mom and I took Connor to see roller derby. His teacher is on a team so we went to cheer her on.  We had a lot of fun and one of his friends also came to cheer on their teacher.

Last Sunday Daryle and I decided to take the boys to the Renaissance Festival. Another super good time!  As you can see, Connor dressed up. Travis did not.  Connor just loves getting into character. He kept his costume on the entire time too. I was not sure he would do that.
 Daryle trying to throw knives.
 Connor waiting to go on a ride.

 Waiting to see the fire eater.

 Wow.  I wouldn't want that job!  lol

The boys wanted to to to a park and play on Monday. It was perfect weather too!

 Travis has also been helping out at Connor's baseball practice. He LOVES that.  He is in his element for sure. It's pretty cute to hear some of the little ones say, "Travis, can you show me how to do that??"  It is so nice to see him shine and gain self confidence.
 A few weeks ago the soccer games were rained out.  Since we were playing a team where we are friends with the other coach, we rescheduled an unofficial game on our own.  We needed a referee so we asked Travis to help out.  He is growing up too fast sometimes. I am so proud of him. He really is a great helper in so many ways.
I guess that about sums up what we have been up to so far.  I am so thankful we have two weeks off for Spring Break.  One more week before we head back to the craziness!