Saturday, June 20, 2015

Time for an Update!

Well the year is half way done, so I guess that means time to update, right? I pretty much do this for the very few amount of people who still check this out.  AKA The Grandparents! So here is a little run down of the past 6 months....

In January my boys became Seahawk's fans. I guess it was the trip to Seattle we took last summer. Anyway, they bought these with their Christmas money.  Connor cried.. bawled... when they lost the Super Bowl. Poor kid.
 Yes, I had a birthday.  We won't say how old I turned. It was just the 14th anniversary of turning 29....
 Celebrating a little Valentine's Day love.
 Connor loves Running Club at school.  He squeaked out 2nd place. Next year he is aiming for 1st place. This was among all first grade boys in the 4 local elementary schools who were in the club.  Way to go!
 Showing off their ribbons!
 Our town had a block party with zip lining. Do you think this guy liked it??  (Travis was home sick with a fever. However, I don't think he would have done this had he been there anyway!)
I got to take a girl's trip to New York City. I had never been there before.  We even got to watch an episode of The View be filmed. It was lots of fun!
 We climbed inside the Statue of Liberty.  We are inside the crown!!! I highly recommend doing this if you are in the area!
 We had one rainy day.  Here we are at Rockefeller Center.
 Over Spring Break this guy got BRACES!!
 St. Patrick's Day. Say no more.
 Little League Season once again! This was Travis' last year as next year he will be too old.  Boo hoo!! Why do they have to grow up???
 Connor has a style all his own! I love how he wears what he wants and doesn't care what others might think.  He is such an independent soul!

 This guy turned 12!  We went golfing to celebrate.
 And he got a sweet ride in my uncle's Ferrari!  Boy was he surprised about that!

 Group picture with my selfie stick.  (I love that thing!)
 Travis has been playing the trumpet this year. He is going to continue with it next year as well.  He has learned so much and is doing quite well with it too.
 Annual Easter Egg dying.
 Happy Easter!!!
 Family photo with the selfie stick!
 Connor.. he is styling while blowing a bubble with his gum... such a sight!
 My grandma turned 95 years old!!  We had a small celebration.  It was so much fun and she really enjoyed herself too.
 This is the group who came to celebrate.  Quite a big family... and we are missing several!
 Connor raked in the awards at the end of the school year.  Way to go Connor!
 Last day of school for these two.  Bye bye 1st grade and 5th grade.
 More awards! I am so proud of Travis, he got Honor Roll again! 
 Creative swimming by Mr. Travis!

 I think Connor is part fish. He loves to swim!
 Summer fun at a Dbacks day game one day!
 They already did soccer camp this summer.
 This week we celebrated Connor's 7th birthday. He got a new bike with a Mohawk helmet!

 We took Connor and a few friends to the movies yesterday.  They were so good! Such a great group of friends. It will be fun watching them all grow up together!
 Especially these three! They have been together since pre school.  Connor is sad because our district is building a new school and these two will be going there next year.  At least they still get to do sports together and one of them goes to our church so they will still be in class together there as well.  Growing up has its challenges at times!
I guess that about wraps it up. It's summer so I finally had sometime to do this.  We had to get a new computer last week and it was much easier to upload my pictures than with my older computer.  Who knows, maybe I'll find more time to update. Until then I am just enjoying my boys because before I know it they will be all grown up! Why can't they just stay small???