Sunday, December 7, 2014

Time...I Never Have Enough

Well hello there!  It seems a few people (all 3 of them) have been giving me grief about my lack of updating this blog.  I guess with Facebook I seem to spend my time posting our life events there!  I guess a lot has gone on since June...although nothing too eventful. My boys are growing up at lightning speed and there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it. So I just try to enjoy them one day at a time.  Here is a little bit of what we have been up to over the last several months.

This summer we celebrated some big milestones.  In June it was 5 years since Connor came home, in July Daryle and I celebrated 20 years of marriage, and in August it was 10 years since Travis came home. Wow.  It was a big year for sure!
Daryle and I went on a trip to Vegas to celebrate our anniversary. Without kids. That was a milestone in itself!  lol
 I taught summer school in June so that we could have a little extra for a trip.  My mom and I decided to go to Seattle to see my brother.  We had an awesome time!
 My dear friend came over from Spokane with her two kids and did all of the sight seeing and tourist stuff with us. The kids all got along great.  A trip to remember for sure.
 I also got together with two other friends from elementary school. The one I hadn't seen since I left Spokane,,,and that was in 1987! It was so fun getting all of the kids together. Wish we lived closer so we could have reunions more often!
 Not long after we returned it was time for us to head back to school.  First and Fifth grade. Go figure! No more toddlers or little ones around here any more!

It wouldn't be August without more baseball games.
 10 years since this kiddo became ours... officially anyway.  Love him to pieces!
 Fifth grade means starting band...he is now a trumpet player!
 Daryle had a minor surgery on his throat... out patient... and he was back to work within a week. He's all better now.
 Travis is now playing competitive soccer. I will say no more. Now you can see why blogging has taken a back seat...
 Daryle created a baseball team... the QC Crushers.. and the boys had a great season playing machine pitch fall baseball.  Daryle designed the uniforms.  They turned out great!
 Love our desert sunsets...

End of September we had another family wedding.  My cousin David married Lindsey at a beautiful winery in Northern California.  I am so glad I was able to attend. I wasn't sure I was going to make it, but I did. Another weekend without kids...what is the world coming to??? 
A few other cousins made it to the wedding too... we had so much fun celebrating with the bride and groom!
 This is what they were up to while I was gone. This is what Daryle was texting me. Glad they were relaxing!

 In October we had another visit from our dear friends in Oregon. They came for their grandson's first birthday.  So much fun getting all of our kids... and grand kid...together. It's so great having lifelong friends who are more like family.
 Marshall is trying to photo bomb us!
 My boys still love the grocery store at the Phoenix Children's Museum.  I don't think it will ever get old for them!

 Connor played in a one day baseball tournament. His first one!

 Then my mom and Daryle's dad celebrated their birthdays.  They are only getting younger you know...
 Over Fall break I took the boys golfing. Fun times and good weather!

 One day we met dad for lunch. It was only Mc Donald's... it's the company that counts!
 Our town had Trunk or Treat. They wore old costumes from years past. Turned out pretty cute!
 Travis kept referring to this duck as an aflac... lol.. that kid.
 Connor loved this lama.  Why do my kids love petting zoo's so much??? When I was a kid I stayed far away. I still do. I just zoom in on pictures of my kids enjoying every minute! I am glad they love animals. They will both more than likely always have some type of pet. I won't be shocked if Travis lives on a farm. lol
 Pumpkin patch!  (yes, in shorts, this is the desert you know.)

 Grandma in California sent these cool costumes. The boys loved them.
 Cold morning at another soccer tournament. Four games in two days... can you say exhausting?
 It's always time for a good game of battleship after shower time.
 Grandpa likes to photo bomb too...

Crushers!! Great season boys and coaches!
 Remembering Adoption Awareness month in November

 Celebrating Daryle's birthday. Connor loved drinking his root beer from a bottle and Travis loved getting  his lemonade in "a big cup". 
 Cotton candy for dessert... it was free... who could resist that?
 We celebrated Thanksgiving with my grandma this year. I love her so much! My boys were so sweet with her too.  Sweet memories.
 I said I wouldn't do it.  I refused. Daryle caved.  We now have an elf named Bernard at our house. And he loves football and wears his jersey on Sundays.  It is lots of fun.. but after the third day Daryle gave me that "look"... you know the one that says.. what did we get ourselves into??
 He even likes fruit loops. And he can spell apparently.
 Connor ran 51 laps in the fun run. Daryle took the day off to help mark the back of the kids shirts as they completed each lap.  They said 36 laps was equal to2.3 miles.  He ran 51. Maybe he will be a marathon runner one day.  He wasn't even out of breath and never complained once that his legs hurt. Tough kid!  Grandpa even came out to cheer him on!
 Travis had his first band concert this week. I was very impressed! They have an amazing band teacher. I can't wait for the spring concert next.

 Almost caught up... yesterday we had fun at the town holiday parade. Perfect weather, it actually felt like winter because it was overcast.  However all we needed were light sweaters to keep warm. Perfect.

 The boys were lucky and got this one on one time with Santa.  I think they got it all out to him regarding their list.  Goodness.
Now you are caught up to our crazy life.   Hopefully it won't be six months until you hear from me again. BUT... if it is then it just means I am buried in soccer balls, baseballs, bats, gloves, cleats, water bottles, trumpets, grading, carpools, meetings, etc. etc. etc.  It's a busy life and we are enjoying every minute of it! Until next time...