Monday, September 26, 2011


I always knew Daryle liked baseball.  However, after this weekend I think I can officially declare him a "baseball addict". Of course he is excited since his team won their division and are now headed to the playoffs.  Yep. He was at the game on Friday night when the clinched it. Evidently it was a celebration not to be missed that night!  (Of course Travis was there too.) Then came Saturday. This was the game they have been waiting for all season. Daryle picked that game for them to go on the field for batting practice before the game. They got to be right on the field with all of the players.  Look at the smiles on these two!  They were in heaven!
The exciting part about Saturday night was that the power went out. Yay. Glad I wasn't there! I guess it wasn't too bad. Of course they waited out the 30 minutes until the game resumed. The Dbacks went on to win 15-2.  Another fun game!  Then on Sunday... yes that is three days in a row if you are counting.... they went back. Of course this was Star Wars day.  Of course Travis had to wear his Darth Vader costume.  This time Daryle took both of the boys. By himself even! They all returned safe and sound. I would say it was a good outing!  Here they are with the Storm Troopers who were walking around the stadium.
Waiting for their turn to bat.
I think they had a great time!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Visitor

This weekend Connor got to bring home "Billy the Bulldog" from school. The high school mascot is the Bulldogs. His teachers found this darling bulldog and put a school shirt on him. All of the kids get to have a turn bringing Billy home for the night.  We were so excited for his visit!
Here is Mr. Connor (as he is known at school) showing Billy our house.  They were both so excited to be here! 
 Travis had a turn trying to make Billy "talk".
 We decided to go down to the park at the end of our street. It was still a little warm out so we were sure to bring Billy some water too!
 Here are the two buddies checking out the playground.
 Do you see them up there in that tunnel???
 Oops... Billy made it down safely... where is Mr. Connor??
Phew... there he is! 
 Two cute buddies!
 Well..... until he got distracted by the cat roaming around.  Dad checked him out and he seemed to be very friendly. He was wearing a collar and tags so I guess it was ok to pet him.  Connor kept saying, "He is my best friend! He LOVES me mom!"  He just loves animals. This cat obviusly is used to kids, he let Connor pet him and sort of chase him around.
Then Connor found this stick to play with.  You would have thought he found some kind of treasure. 
 They were both tuckered out!  Here they are last night sleeping safe and sound.

On a side note... last night my mom and dad came over for dinner. Connor saw these on a plate and said, "These are my babies. I am taking care of them." What? 
Oh, I get it, he thought the potatoes looked like dinosaur baby eggs!!

LOL What a little goofball!

Friday, September 16, 2011

I Told You So!

So, in my last post I discussed the terrible school photos from this year.  Just to prove my kids are cute here are some of their "looks". 
Sometimes we are a "Grump-a-saurus" ... even if Billy the Bulldog is visiting for the weekend and we are wearing our very own crown we made at school.
 Sometimes we are on the goofy side... always finding ways to strike a pose for the camera.
But usually we are cute, cute cute!!  (Even with tousled up hair!)  Look at those eyes.... unbelievable!  How did he get so blessed? 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

School Pictures

I have always loved school pictures. I always think they are so cute.  It is always fun picking out a nice outfit, I usually like to get the boys something new.  This year was a different story though.  Here is Travis' picture.
Really??! Now mind you, I see how these photographers take the pictures. My whole class has to go through the line.  These people sit there with their lap tops and take picture after picture just to get the perfect pose. Now really, should he be biting his lip off like this???  Honestly.  Then I got Connor's first ever school pictures taken. Here is the result.
Now really??  Should he have his mouth wide open like that? Does that look like a smile to you in any way shape or form? The thing that kills me is that when I take their pictures at home they almost always turn out cute.   Shouldn't these "professional" photographers have a clue?  With the technology they walk around with and haul into the schools for picture day these pictures should be much better than this.
 This year I ordered CD's of the pictures because it was cheaper.  My plan was to order the prints from Costco or something like that.  I have never been so disappointed with the school pictures.  Oh well.  It's a good thing I get their pictures taken professionally every year anyway.  This years photo session this summer from Penney's turned out cute. However, I can't upload any of them to my computer. They changed their settings. If anybody knows how to get around this please let me know. The only solution I can see is to buy the CD for $138. Really?? I spent a fortune on the printed photos and I am NOT going to spend a fortune on a CD. I am thinking in the future I might just start buying the CD only and then printing out what I want.  Has anybody tried this route??
For now I guess I will just suck it up to a bad picture year.  I know my boys are cute. And photogenic.  I don't need a school picture to validate that!  LOL

Sunday, September 4, 2011


***Added a P.S. at the bottom.  =)
I love three year olds!  They say and do the funniest things.  Connor has been doing some funny things and I wanted to write about them before I forget.  (It stinks to get older!)

He calls me "Moppy". One day he was crying, had a stuffy nose and said "I want Mommy" but it sounded like "I want Moppy". In an effort to stop the crying Daryle said, "Who is Moppy??" Connor busted out laughing. For some reason it stuck.

He calls Daryle "Dappy".  One day he was talking to Daryle and was trying to say "happy" and "Daddy" at the same time.  It came out "Dappy".  This too has stuck.

He still refers to our dog Rock as "Sparky". I finally realized I think he got this from one of his favorite T.V. shows.

He calls Travis "Tatis". When Connor first started talking that was how it came out.  He can say Travis but sometimes he just calls him Tatis.  I am not sure if it is out of spite or to be funny...

Today he was eating a green Popsicle. He held it up to Daryle and said, "I have a green Popsicle because....  Because I do." Then  he walked away.

Everywhere he goes he is looking for the letter C. When he sees one he  gets excited and shouts, "C  is for Connor!!!!!!"  He is on a perpetual hunt for the letter C. 

He is trying to spell his name. He looks at it and says, "C-O-N-N-N-O-R". I told him there were only two N's. He repeated the spelling. This time he said 4 N's. After several rounds of this we just changed the subject.  He'll get it eventually.

At school they are working on writing letters. We were reading an alphabet book and we were reading the H page. He suddenly told me, "There are two long lines on the sides and one little line in the middle. That makes an H."  He was so proud of himself. 

He will be running then suddenly stop and walk.  He informs me he has to use his "walking feet" .... like they do in school. 

I was reading him one of his favorite books.  (He has most of them memorized.... Travis thinks Connor may be reading... this is great motivation for Mr. Travis to step it up a notch!  Travis enjoys math, he doesn't quite see the need for When I read the story to him I accidentally read one word wrong. I was quickly corrected.  Wow. He never ceases to amaze me.

He loves to read books. He has several of them memorized so it sounds like he is reading.  Most of them are actually songs but a few aren't.  I love to listen to him when he doesn't know I can hear him.

Today in the car on the way home from church he informed us that he has a pet cow. We asked where he was keeping it. He said it was at home. We asked what the cow's name was and we were told Cow.  Then he said that Cow actually lived at the zoo. But he would like to have a cow at home too.  He would also like a horse.  I think he needs to live on a farm!

He loves to talk about Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Brontosaurus. He pronounces them very clearly. (Can't say the same for other people in our household.  lol)  He even has told me that there are meat eater dinosaurs. And some other ones too.

He LOVES to eat his fruits and vegetables. He doesn't really like meat.  He is a self proclaimed vegetarian. In order for us to get him to eat meat we tell him it will give him big muscles.  Then he takes a bite (never more than 2 or 3 bites though) and proceeds to flex his biceps so we can see his growing muscles. He would also like to be a wrestler one day. Just like the guys on TV.

Connor runs around, throws his arms in the air and yells, "I SAVED THE WORLD!!"  Evidently there was a fire somewhere and he saved everybody.  My superhero!

P.S.- My mom reminded me of something funny Connor said the other day when she was babysitting him.  He told her, "Grammy, when I grow up I want to be a paleontologist and dig up dinosaur  bones.  Or maybe I will be a veterinarian.  But I don't want to be an equestrian."  Where does he get his vocabulary??!!