Monday, September 17, 2012

What A Day...

Saturday was Opening Day for the fall baseball league that the boys are playing on. This is Connor's very first team ever. Boy is he excited about that!  Our morning began by being at the park at 7:30 for Connor's team pictures.  Then his game was at 8:15. No sleeping in that day!
 He kept rolling all over the grass. I was trying to keep him clean for his pictures. I kept wondering who in their right mind would put these kids in WHITE shirts.... oh well, nobody asked me I guess.
 Isn't that a cute little t-ball team??
 I just love how he carries his bag. It is so big but only contains a glove, bat, water bottle and some batting gloves. He is so funny!  (He truly thinks he is a real dbacks player too!)
The usual fan club assembling before the game.
 Connor's first time at bat.  Yay, he got a hit!
 Run, run, run!
 Oops... he actually ran all the way to second and had to come back. Another person was already on that base. I think his coach was patting his head so he would stay put. I love how he stands right on the base each and every time.
 For years he has seen Travis get a snack after his games.  FINALLY he has reached the big time and gets a snack all of his own! (It's the little things you know...)
 After Connor's game was the parade and opening ceremonies.  We left the park around 10:15 only to return at 11:15 for Travis' team pictures.  Thankfully we got a break until we had to be back at 4:30 for Travis' game.  His games are more intense than t-ball. I just love watching him and his team play.
 First at bat and he gets hit by a wild pitch.  Take your base!
 So serious and focused....
 This league lets you lead off, steal bases (even home) and you can get picked off.  This is new, Travis loves it. Daryle is skeptical since he is more accustomed to official Little League rules.  (I say let the kids have fun.  But who listens to me??)
 He gets really dirty now with all of the leading off, etc.
 Finally, he made it to second base. They were really trying hard to get him out.
 I was hoping for a dramatic slide into home... no such luck. He just ran across the plate.
 This was actually a few weeks ago before Connor's first t-ball practice.  My little baseball players. They are so cute, if I do say so myself!
It's going to be a fun season.  I have a feeling my housework is going to suffer for the next few months since my Saturdays are now jam packed with baseball! It's ok, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

It Takes A Village

Before I became a mom I had heard the expression "It takes a village to raise a child" and I always knew there was some truth to it.  However, now that I am a mom with two very busy and active boys I have a new appreciation for that expression.  I honestly do not know what I would do if we did not have such wonderful grandparents who lived so close to help out.  I know that if I need somebody picked up from school or help getting people to sports practices or games or if I have a sick child that all I need to do is pick up the phone and help will be on the way.  Being a working mom has its challenges at times and they help make it so much easier.
Last Sunday was Grandparent's Day so of course we had to celebrate and thank our grandparents for all of their love and support.  The boys are so lucky to have grandparents who love them so much and would do anything for them.  I think all kids need to have grandparents who think they personally "hung the moon".  They are also so very lucky that 3 of their 4 grandparents live super close. Close enough to attend every single game for both boys.  Close enough to attend any school function that requires an audience.  (And one grandpa even attends every single practice too!) I guess you could say they are "grandparent spoiled". I think that's ok (considering the alternative life they were born into before we all found each other.)  I think in the end it all works out. 

And even though one grandma lives in California she still is always in our minds and in our hearts!  She gets all of her spoils in when we visit every summer. This year she gets a bonus... we are coming for a quick visit in October this year too!
I thank my lucky stars every day for our parents.  My boys are so lucky to have such a special relationship with each one of them.  Happy Grandparent's Day to all of you and here's to many, many more!  XOXOXOXO

Monday, September 3, 2012

Security Kid

Evidently Season Ticket holders are eligible for some fun little perks during the Diamondback's games.  This year Daryle found out that Travis could have a chance to be a Security Kid for a game.  We were given free tickets for some awesome seats so that we could watch Travis do his job.  We ended up giving those tickets to my parents.  (Earlier in the season we tried sitting in some of these seats with Connor and let's just say we weren't able to stay there the whole time.)  So Connor and I took a pass on this one.  We could have gone but we would not have been able to watch Travis anyway so I didn't quite see the point. I knew Daryle would take pictures so it would *almost* be like I was there.  Here is Travis on the field between innings with the real Security Officer.
 I can only imagine the amount of questions Travis must have been asking him. (He has a minimum of 20 questions per thought in his head these days!)
 This is where Travis got to watch the game.  They gave him a helmet "just in case".  Phew!
This is one picture Daryle took... just to remember this was how close he was to the players.  I guess they could even hear the umpire, catchers and batters all talking to each other. I am not sure who was more excited about all of this, Travis or Daryle.  lol
 Travis was looking to see who was on the Jumbo tron. Nope, it wasn't him this time!
 During the Legends Race this was where Travis got to watch them.  From what I heard he was also getting tons of high fives from the Padres players during the game. What a lucky, lucky kid!!
This just happened to also be a Sunday game.  On Sunday's kids get to run the bases after the game. Well, if you are the Security Kid you get to lead all of the kids running the bases.

 Oh, did I mention it was also Bark in the Park Day? (In other words, bring your dog to the game day.)  Travis always loves this day since he is such a dog lover.  I have been told that next year we will be bringing  Petey to this game.  Umm, ok.
I think the day was a success!