Sunday, January 27, 2013

So January Started With A Bang...

I am hoping and praying that the way our January started out is not a premonition as to how our 2013 is going to go.  First of all, Daryle went to the ER and ended up being admitted. Say what??! Yes, he spent 3 days in the hospital. He had a severe attack of diverticulitis.  No fun.  He was put on a liquid diet to help the inflammation settle down.  (In case you don't know what diverticulitis is, it is when you develop pockets in your intestines and those pockets get infected. In addition to an infection, he also had an abscess in there.)  To say he was not a happy camper is an understatement!
 Meanwhile.... the food lady must have felt bad for me one day.  After bringing Daryle his broth, jell-o and grape juice she approached me with the daily menu. Evidently she had extras so she offered me a lunch. Although I felt a bit guilty, this meant I didn't have to leave Daryle all alone in the hospital while I went out to grab something to eat.  And then inhale it on the way back. I thought it was nice.  Daryle handled it well, and he assured me it was ok to eat in front of him, but he did have to post this on facebook! 
 I tried to get a picture of Petey with this bowl hanging out of his mouth... but of course once I grabbed the camera he started doing this. I think it is so funny that when his water bowl is empty he carries it to us. Kind of like Snoopy or something! One of these days I will get a picture of him doing that.
 Last night we took the boys to Monster Jam. This has been a yearly tradition for Daryle and Travis since he was about 4 years old.  Last year Connor was supposed to go, but he had a tummy virus and was unable to go. Well.... yesterday morning/afternoon Connor decided to start throwing up everything he ate.  It was not fun. He threw up in the car and in several parking lots and streets along the way home.  He didn't want to miss the show again this year.  He was fine other than not being able to keep anything down.  We felt like really bad parents. but we brought him to the show (well, he didn't even have a fever or anything..that justifies it, right??). I had an extra set of clothes, saltines, water, and some applesauce as back up in my bag.  He did really well, didn't get sick there at all and had a wonderful time.  Phew.  We were ready to leave if need be, but being the little trooper he is he stayed and enjoyed every single minute of his first Monster Jam.

 Did I mention it was my first Monster Jam as well?? Usually I opt out and have an evening to myself.  Well, Grandpa was feeling under the weather so I decided to go. Especially with Connor not doing too well earlier in the day too....I figured I had better go along.
We all signed our names on one of the cars.

Connor does not like loud noise.  We bought him these way too expensive ear muff things to block out the noise.  Daryle whispered in my ear, "Gee, he looks like Princess Laya meets Honey BooBoo"  LOL I thought he looked precious!
The funniest part was they kept slipping down and pushing in his cheeks. Travis affectionately called him "little chubby". 
 Travis enjoying some food from our seats in the nose bleed section. Actually, they were pretty good. We could see everything from up there.
See?  Pretty cool watching them get it all set up.
As we were waiting you could send a text up to the Jumbo Tron.  Daryle sent one that said "Travis and Connor love Monster Jam! (It is the third row down.)
 As we were sitting there reading and watching the board another one came up. I looked at Daryle and said, "Is that for me???" He had a big grin on his face and said yes.  It is the third row down.
It said, "Thanks for coming to Monster Jam Lisa.. BEST mom in the world!"  I loved it!
Eventually the lights went out.  The windows were open at Chase Field but the roof was closed because it had been raining all day.  It was an awesome sight!
 Of course there was time for some self portraits with my boys.

This little face is so funny... he wanted to watch the trucks NOT take pictures with mom! Ha!
Even though I was looking forward to a nice relaxing evening, I had a really good time with the boys. I am glad I went.  As for Daryle and his health issues... he will be having surgery on Feb. 7 to have the infected part of his intestines removed.  He will be in the hospital for 5 days and then a 6 week recovery.  Oh yay for us.  I just hope it all goes smoothly and he is feeling much better when it is all said and done. Then I hope and pray that is enough hospital time for our family for awhile!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Personal Narrative

Today Travis stayed with me after school instead of going home with Grandpa. I have been spoiled because Travis does most of his homework with Grandpa.  Actually, this ended up being a good thing as Travis did not bring home his usual math page. Instead it was a writing page where he had to write a personal narrative.  He had it half way done when I saw it. I was very surprised at his topic of choice.... happily surprised of course.  He is in the shower right now so I snuck it out of his backpack and decided to write it here on my blog. I think it is great.  If you see any typos or mistakes it is because I am copying it word for word. (Keep in mind he is in Third grade and he is remembering this from a six year old state of mind.)

The time I rember when I got my brother is going on a long long long super long airplane ride.  That was not fun going on a long ride. 

It all began when I was getting my brother.  It took a long time to get my brother. A very long time.  We stayed in a hotel for 6 days and it was the best hotel I've been in. When we got my brother we went to a building.  When dad and mom went to get him I had to stay in an office. Then I saw him.

One day my brother started walking. When he was walking he had to crawl or use the wall to walk.  We went to Red Square. My brother had his own french fries.  He started to talk a lot.

Later, we were playing in the hotel.  We ate peanuts and drank Sierra Mist.  Mom drank coca-cola lite.  Dad drank coke.  We also played on the computers. I had only my socks on. That's funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, we packed our suitcase.  We went to get back on the airplane.  Connor didn't like the airplane ride.  When we got home we played a lot and a lot and a lot!  We also had fun playing in the bathtub!

That's when I realized I was the big brother!

Now I have to insert my thoughts as I read this.  =)  Yes, it was a long flight!  Yes, it took us an entire year start to finish to bring Connor home.  We endured a much longer wait to bring Travis home. Other families have endured even worse waits. However, to a  5/6 year old child I am sure that 12 months seemed like an eternity!!  And the talking part while eating french fries... ummm... I don't recall that!!  lol 

I can't quite pinpoint exactly why I love this so much. Is it because he chose this topic all on his own at school? Is it because he has this fond memory of getting his brother in Russia?  Is it because he really does love his brother? A lot?? (Even though it might not look like it sometimes??) When I ask him what made him choose this topic he can't really answer me.  Well, he did say, "Well, because it was a long story and I needed a long story to write about." Well ok.  Whatever the reason, I am glad he chose this one.  I am hoping his teacher will edit it with him and fix a few things here and there.  Then I just hope he brings it home because this one is a keeper!

And just for memories sake here are a few pics to go with the story.

Travis on that long, long plane ride.
 Travis in "the office" waiting for us to bring Connor up so they could meet.
 Connor with his first french fries at McDonald's near Red Square.
 Connor walking using the walls.
 The computer area.. I guess he did take off his socks!!  It's funny what kids think of and remember.
And yes Travis, you are and always will be the Big Brother!!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So Long 2012.. Hello 2013!

Our New Year's Eve started off with somebody wearing his new pirate gear....

 and somebody else knee deep in Lego's! 
 It was also Petey's very first birthday.  We think anyway.  On his paperwork there were two different dates, one of them was Dec. 31st.  We decided to pick that one since it would be easiest to remember.  We even lit a candle and sang the Happy Birthday song to him.  And yes, he even got a small piece to eat.  It was funny though... some frosting got stuck on his front teeth and he had a heck of a time getting it off!!  Too funny, he had green teeth for all of 10 seconds!
 Finally the kids are getting old enough to play some family games together.  While we played Connor enjoyed his first Root Beer Float. The verdict?  He thought it was DELICIOUS!
We got out some party accessories in preparation for the midnight festivities.
 All bundled up in robes.. it was super cold outside last night!  (Yes, I know we are wimps when it comes to cold.. but it was in the 30's here.  Brrrr...)
 Getting ready for some fireworks!
 Sparklers are always so much fun.
As you can see, Connor is quite the active little guy.  He kept calling his sparkler his "engine" and was running all around.  They were both fun to watch.
 We had a couple of loud ones, Connor didn't find enjoyment in those ones.  Just like his Mommy.
We decided to do the firework part a little early, around 9:00 because it was becoming clear that Connor was probably not going to make it to midnight.  We figured we could help the East Coast celebrate from Arizona!  He did make it up to 11:00 and then he just had it. He fell asleep within about 3 minutes. Until then we did have a super fun time playing Sorry Spin, eating birthday cake, and drinking Root Beer Floats.  Daryle, Travis and I made it all the way to midnight to ring in the new year.  I can't believe my boys are growing up. Too fast if you ask me!  In this next year Travis will turn 10 and Connor will turn 5.  Then Connor will be in Kindergarten!! Really??
How in the world did that happen?? 
Happy 2013 to you and yours, may it be your best year yet!