Sunday, December 22, 2013

December Happenings

 December began with a lot of excitement around here. Travis' baseball team the Hooligans won first place in the league tournament!! Just look at the size of that trophy!  Not sure who was more excited about that win... Travis or Daryle!
The next night the 4th grade had their yearly musical performance.  The 4th grade always gets to do the Christmas show. Travis got to be an elf. He makes a pretty cute elf if I do say so myself!
 For several months Connor has been mastering his sight words.  He surpassed the entire Kindergarten list weeks ago and is now working on the First grade list of words. He brings this list every where he goes... even practicing while we were waiting for the show to begin. Silly kid!
There is our elf... I mean Travis... singing away.
This was his special part. The elves came down and were working on the toys while they were all singing. He was really enjoying himself up there!
 This will probably end up being one of Travis' most favorite teachers of all time. He had her last year and she moved up to 4th grade this year too.  She has been an awesome teacher for him! How great is it to have such a great teacher for not one year, but two??  Lucky kid!
Alas, December would not be the same without the start of soccer season. This is Connor's first time playing.  I was so proud of both boys, they each scored their teams' only goals in the first game. 
Way to go boys!
Daryle is coaching Connor's team this time around. This is tricky. The boys are playing at two different parks. I had to miss Connor's first game. Bummer. 
 When did this kid get so big.. and start acting lazy like a teenager??!
 I guess he needed that rest before his game. He was on fire the entire game!

 After the games we stopped by the annual car show.  They thought this car was cool.  However, I do think they need to watch an episode or two of the Dukes of Hazard sometime soon to fully appreciate it!
 Connor and Petey. True love.
 Our local shopping center puts out these huge ornaments at Christmas.  After several years we finally took some time to take their pictures by them. They are pretty neat!

 Connor won his first award at school this week. Student of the Month for December. Here is part of his fan club waiting for the awards ceremony to begin.
 So proud of Connor!  When they called his name he did a little fist pump as he stood up and went on the stage. The whole crowd saw him and did a little chuckle.  So cute.
 Yesterday this was Travis and Petey on the couch. I swear they sat like this for several hours.  I am still not convinced Petey needed all of those blankets though....
 Finally, time to see Santa!  After 3 attempts at more popular places over the month (no success due to very long wait times) we finally saw a sign that Santa would be coming to a little museum right next to our neighborhood.  We got to check out some local history, hear a choir sing Christmas carols, make some crafts, eat goodies, meet Mrs. Claus as well as have some one on one time with Santa himself.  Here are the boys listening to the choir while they waited for Santa.

 Finally! I think it was worth the wait!
 Love how Santa is looking at Travis here...
 I hope they stay on the nice list!
After the visit with Santa they got to hear Mrs. Claus read a story. I loved this room. The building used to be the only school in our area.  It was K-12 at one time.  This room was set up like an old classroom.  The date on the board was September 2, 1982...hey wait a minute, I was in 5th grade then!!  Is that date really museum worthy??  Guess it is...
I just can't believe it took us 9 years of living here to finally have time to check out this piece of local history. There is a lot of interesting "stuff" in there. We for sure will need to go back. I hope it doesn't take us another 9 years.  Ha!
Next stop.. Christmas! I had better go get some wrapping done...