Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's offical... football has taken over our lives!!!!

August arrived and left with the blink of an eye!  Between starting a new school year and BOTH boys playing tackle, yes tackle, football I don't know if I am going or coming around here.  For three weeks solid Travis had football practice for 2 1/2 hours 5 days a week. Since Connor is younger his practices were 1 hr. 45 minutes for 3 days a week. Can you say EXHAUSTED???  Now we are on a "normal" schedule. This means they have practice twice a week.  Oh yay you might  think.  Well think again.  Travis has practice Tuesday and Thursday while Connor has it Monday and Wednesday.  That means we have practice 
every. single. night.  Daryle and I have an understanding that we will each take two nights at practice and two nights with the other child at home.  Plus this is August in Phoenix. Even though we have been pretty lucky with the evening temps it is still warm out there.  However, the boys are enjoying it. They are learning a lot, meeting new friends, and boy are they in shape!  Connor is #45. Here is is at one of his practices.
When my mom went to visit my brother in Seattle she got him a WSU shirt because that is my brother's Alma Mater.  Does this face look intimidating or what??!
 This morning was Travis' first football game.  Connor starts next week.  Thank goodness we got to break into this easily.  This game was at 9 am but he had to be there by 7:15. Luckily Daryle took him and Connor and I arrived closer to 8:30.  We had a huge monsoon last night.... which means it was HUMID out there and HOT HOT HOT!  Here is Travis before the game.  Go #82!
 After the first quarter I thought we were going to see a lot more of this.... standing on the sidelines.  (I was totally ok with that... lol)
 Did I mention it was humid??  This is sweat, and we had only been there about 45 minutes at this point. Thank goodness we had some shade!
 After our team was winning 28-0 Travis got a lot of play time in.  #82 got a lot more playing time than I thought he might.

 After the game here is my very sweaty, very tired, very hot and hungry kiddo! He's still smiling, so I guess that is a good thing!  (When he got home he was SOAKED right down to his undies!  I know, TMI!)
 We did have a little "scare" during the game.  A kid on the other team hurt his back.  After a 30 minute delay to the game he was taken off the field in an ambulance.  They say it is precautionary and he will be fine. However, for this being our very first football game EVER it kind of shook me up.  Travis was a little shaken too. When I asked him what he thought of his first game he said, "Well, that was a little weird. That kid left in an ambulance...." I said I know, but what were you thinking BEFORE that happened??  He smiled and said he liked it. Phew. Then Daryle said, "Well, I am not sure how much more of this your mom can take!!!"  We all laughed.  Well, maybe Daryle laughed more than me. I think he may be right on that one.

So now we just took Connor to the library to get his very own library card!  As you can see, he was quite excited about this!  I told him this is what we do when you get to Kindergarten. 
 And he LOVES Junie B. Jones.  He thinks she is his BFF.
As for Petey... he has been getting lots of rest.

 Travis' first night of no practice had him sleeping in this chair by 7:30. (Wish it had been me.)
I can't believe it is already Labor Day weekend and will be September in just a few days.  Wow.  Just when you think time can't possibly go faster it does.  Thank goodness we did find time to go to dinner and celebrate Travis' Gotcha Day.
I have a feeling the rest of the year is going to be like this.  Travis is doing great in 4th grade. Connor LOVES Kindergarten.  Daryle and I are just trying to keep our heads above water. 
And oh yeah. Daryle also signed Travis to play fall baseball.
So much for sleep. I think it's overrated anyway!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Travis' Journey Home

Sometimes I can hardly believe it has been 9 years since we brought Travis home.  In some ways it seems like yesterday. In other ways it seems like a lifetime ago.  Either way, I wouldn't change a thing! 

This summer I decided I needed to make a video for Travis like I made for Connor. The challenge was that most of Travis' first year or two home was taken on film.  I started to get CD's made when I developed the film but all of the pictures I took in Russia were on film only. Luckily I had saved the negatives and fortunately Costco does an excellent job at putting negatives onto CD.  I also had to do some scanning.  It took me days to get it all accomplished. I am so glad I had the time to complete this project.  One thing I noticed as I was doing this was that we all looked so YOUNG!  LOL  I don't know if parenting has aged us or what... I don't FEEL any older! 

All things aside, we are so happy to be celebrating this special day after all these years. Sometimes going through the daily grind, along with life's ups and downs, makes us forget what we went through to bring Travis home.  Keeping this fresh in our minds once a year is a good time to reflect on all of the good that has resulted from this adoption.  This is my family. I never in a million years thought this would be how my family would be made.  Once again I am reminded, and am in awe, of the power of faith and prayer in our lives.  I see it first hand in the eyes of my children. 
I am beyond grateful. 

Happy 9th Gotcha Day Travis!
I love you!